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I sent out my early voter ballot last week and was surprised to find it delivered back to my home address the following day.

I went back to the post office looking for an answer, and I was told they were having problems with this envelope (which is oversized and costs 83 cents to mail) since the machine was picking up the address on the back side of the envelope rather than the address on the front side.

We have to sign and write out our address in a large block area on the back of the envelope. Do not wait until the last minute to mail this since it might be returned to you.

Connie Klein, New Port Richey

Pregnancy center tries to offer more services - Oct. 25, article

Pregnancy center story misleading

I fully understand that the purpose of your religion section is to inform us about and promote religion. I do have a problem with it: It often contains half-truths.

In your article about the Pasco Pregnancy Center you utterly failed to explain that a primary purpose of the center is to dissuade women who may be pregnant and seek assistance from obtaining abortions.

You discussed its ultrasound machine as a device to diagnose pregnancy, even though this is easily done with a kit obtainable at any drugstore.

It is common knowledge that a major reason for the existence of religiously funded pregnancy centers is to dissuade woman from seeking abortions. They frequently use ultrasound to show women a moving fetus, and then try to convince them that an abortion will kill a living thing. Whether their convictions are accurate is immaterial. You failed to include this information, and therefore produced an inaccurate story.

If indeed this use of ultrasound is a goal of the pregnancy center, it should be discussed. That is, unless the pregnancy center is ashamed of its duplicity and you are willing to participate in it.

Gerald M. Taylor, Wesley Chapel

Oil companies fueled by greed

Oil is now down below $68 a barrel. The oil companies are reaping now more profits than ever. The barrel price should reflect a pump price in the $1.50 range, but as you see the amazing greed of the oil companies is in full swing.

When oil prices increased, the pump prices rocketed skyward at the least provocation. However, as the price of a barrel tumbled fairly fast, the price at the pump is going down as slowly as the oil companies can do it, just to keep the population in debt as long as possible and their coffers as full as possible.

How long can these oil companies be allowed to reap unwarranted profits from the American citizen, knowing full well the massive problems facing us all?

The oil companies are bottom feeders who know we must buy gas. You would think an American company would try to help its customers in their time of need.

Where is the help for American citizens?

Joseph Kuhn, New Port Richey

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