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Actor Danny Huston, whom many of you will recall as Nigel from Children of Men or Marlow from 30 Days of Night, has been embroiled in a nasty divorce with his Brit model wife Katie Jane Evans. But the Daily Mail reports Evans killed herself earlier this month by jumping off the roof of her Hollywood Hills home. "Katie couldn't get over the fact the marriage had failed She wanted a divorce, but there was lots of anger and bitterness," a friend in London told the paper. "They married too soon, they barely knew each other, and Katie didn't take to life with an actor as well as she thought she would." Evans, 35, and Huston (son of director John and half brother of actress Anjelica) wed in 2002, but the marriage fell apart after rumors flew that she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. "She was on anti-depressants, and she had been in and out of rehab clinics for months. She was very up and down with her moods," the source said. "On the night she killed herself, she called the police to tell them she had taken an overdose but she jumped before they could save her. Everyone is devastated. No one, including Danny, can come to terms with what has happened. When Anjelica was told she just collapsed in tears."

Stalker after Caruso

CSI: Miami's David Caruso is so bad-ass that he has to import his stalkers from Austria. But now that alleged stalker - ID'd only as an Austrian woman in her 40s - has a warrant out for her arrest, the AP reports. The woman allegedly sent Caruso more than 100 letters, pursued him for an autograph and then sent death threats when he refused. She's believed to be abroad, possibly Mexico, which is where all the stalkers go these days. Apparently this all started when a fan letter with a Miami postmark showed up in Caruso's mail reading "I will locate you and your ugly Latine tramp and kill you." Cops didn't say if that meant actress Alana De La Garza, who played Horatio Caine's wife on the show until the character was, in fact, killed.

Cool J out of Jackson tour

As if Janet Jackson didn't have enough headaches, her seemingly cursed "Rock Witchu" has lost LL Cool J as its opening act, the AP reports. The reason? Scheduling conflicts. As in, he didn't want to be scheduled with her anymore, we're assuming. Jackson has canceled a series of concerts lately because of migraine-associated vertigo. And if concert attendance at the Trop this summer was any indication, we'd think at least half of those were people going to see LL. Sorry, Janet, he just doesn't want to rock witchu anymore.

We smell a Jonas Bros. movie

The long-awaited silver screen debut of the Jonas Brothers has been announced, but not quite in the vehicle you might be imagining. First of all, they're going to 20th Century Fox and not a Disney production. Second, it's a movie called Walter the Farting Dog. Wait, is it April 1 already? Variety says the project is based on the book series by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray about a fat dog with a flatulence problem, as if you couldn't discern that from the title. The movie version is being adapted by Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen for Nick, Joe and Kevin, and their younger brother, Frankie. The kicker? It's a potential project for Peter and Bobby Farrelly. This will probably be a long way from There's Something About Mary, we're thinking.

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