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Halloween night safety

Adults, please attach blinking red bicycle lights to your child's Halloween costume. Attach at least two lights so your child can be noticed from all directions. Have an adult or teenager hold your child's hand if the child is too young to understand about not running into the street.

And motorists traveling in the dark, please drive slowly enough and scan widely enough so you have time to notice the kids' lights on sidewalks and in crosswalks. Look for kids by the side of the road, too.

Safety research shows that drivers notice blinking red bicycle lights 100 to 500 feet sooner than steady red bicycle lights.

After Halloween, you can put the lights to good use. If walking, skateboarding, inline skating or bicycling is a way you like to get exercise with your child, attach the light to your child or the child's tricycle or bicycle. If a family member bicycles to school, work or other places in the dark, attach the lights to the bicycle. The red light belongs on the back of the tricycle or bicycle.

A friend said she bought candy and bicycle lights one Halloween. For kids without lights, she gave them a choice of candy or lights. Every time, they chose the red lights. Her neighborhood was covered with blinking red lights that night. A driver said he hadn't realized how many children were out trick-or-treating until he saw the lights.

Kimberly Cooper, St. Petersburg

Loud and rude

I am sick to death of these cars that cruise down the street playing music so loud that the pictures rattle on the walls inside my house and the fillings rattle in my molars.

This is such a huge imposition and lack of respect for all of those in the area. These people invade my most private space with their hip-hop or rap or Iranian dance music. I am struck dumb by the incessant beat and thump, so much so that I cannot concentrate on anything while that music continues by my house.

Please turn down the music when you come into a residential neighborhood.

Kae Charman, St. Petersburg

Parks still pleasing

With Pinellas County government having to do more with less money, I wish to commend the parks department for the recent changes that have resulted in running our parks with more efficiency without sacrificing our safety or our use.

I spend many hours each week in our county parks, and even with fewer staffers I have felt safe, I am able to find staffers if needed and I can still enjoy my hikes.

Thanks, parks department, for making some hard decisions and coming up with a workable solution.

Judy Fisher, Seminole


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