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Published Oct. 29, 2008

Like a number of the players, travel director Jeff Ziegler didn't know much about Delaware before the Rays ended up there after Monday's Game 5 suspension.

"The only thing I know about Wilmington, Del., is that every piece of junk mail from credit card companies I get is from Wilmington, Del., and I found out today why: I guess this is corporate headquarters for just about every Fortune 500 company because of the tax laws and bankruptcy laws."

Free food of the day

If the Rays end up winning the World Series, Tampa Bay area Hardee's restaurants will celebrate by giving away free Little Thickburgers to all customers from 2-6 the day after the clincher.

Tampa Bay rip of the day

From Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan: "Games 1 and 2 - well, those were held inside a big warehouse outfitted with seats, a massive neon orange, a tank of cownose rays, four catwalks, a drunk pro wrestler, artificial turf, mullets and a group of people that thinks ringing cowbells is awesome and wearing bright blue Mohawks is socially acceptable.

"Rays fever, unfortunately, comes no warmer than 98.6 degrees. Scalpers there are eating thousands of dollars because the demand for tickets is so flabby. Florida is a football state, and the inroads to carve out a fan base in the Tampa area will take decades. While championship T-shirts in Philadelphia already are deep on back order, there will be plenty available should the Rays come back and win the series."

Halloween at the Trop?

Reliever Trever Miller, one of the players still sporting his Mohawk, finds the idea of a Halloween night Game 7 at the Trop on Friday intriguing. "A lot of our fans are already dressed for it," he said. "I'm dressed for it, too. We're already there. Maybe it was just meant to be."

Number of the day(s)

40 Previous postponements in Series history, 29 days due to rain, one to cold (1903) and 10 to an earthquake (1989).

And a nation shrugs

Television ratings for Game 5 of the World Series were as bad as the weather. The 5-1/2 innings the Phillies and Rays got in during the rain Monday night received an 8.2 rating and 12 share, Fox said Tuesday. The low for a fifth game was a 10.0/17 for the Giants' 16-4 romp over the Angels in 2002. Nielsen will issue a separate rating for the completion of the game, Fox said. Thus far, the World Series has received an 8.1/14, down 24 percent from the 10.6/18 for a four-game sweep by the Red Sox over the Rockies last year. This year is 20 percent behind the record low for a full World Series, the 10.1/17 for the Cardinals' five-game victory over the Tigers in 2006. A rating is the percentage of all TVs; a share is the percentage of TVs turned on at the time.

Delaware quote of the day

"I woke up and said, 'I don't know what's going on right now - here we are in Delaware.'"

Rays reliever J.P. Howell, left, speaking at around 4:15 p.m.

Delaware number of the day

1 Pro (major) sports teams in Delaware, the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a Class A affiliate of the Royals.

Right call

With playing conditions worsening as the night wore on, Rays manager Joe Maddon said suspending Game 5 in the sixth inning was the right call. "I thought they made the appropriate decision at that time. I think it was getting too slick."