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Published Oct. 29, 2008

A judge has sentenced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to 120 days in jail, culminating a case that ignited a scandal at City Hall. The judge noted Kilpatrick would not be given an opportunity for early release.

The Democratic ex-mayor pleaded guilty last month to obstruction of justice, admitting he lied about an affair with his chief of staff while testifying in a lawsuit in 2007. He also pleaded no contest to assaulting a sheriff's detective.

"The Wayne County jail, and the cell Mr. Kilpatrick will be staying in, is no country club," Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans said. "It's a Spartan cell, cinderblock, typical of jail cells." Kilpatrick, 38, will be kept out of the general population of the jail. And he will be billed for his stay at $60 a day. He will spend 23 hours a day in a 15-foot-by-10-foot cell, with a toilet, sink, shower and a phone for collect calls. It has a single bed with a thin mattress that hardly looks large enough to hold the 6-foot-4 former football lineman.

There will be no television unless Kilpatrick arranges to have one delivered. Lights go out at 10 p.m.

"He's not going to be treated any worse. He's not going to be treated any better than other prisoners," Evans said.

A one-day sale on Namibian ivory

Namibia held its first sale of ivory in more than a decade on Tuesday. The sale took place under a special exemption to the international ban on trade in ivory. More than 7.2-million tons of tusks were sold to buyers in China and Japan, raising more than $1.3-million for elephant conservation. Proceeds will go to the Game Product Trust Fund created in 1999 to promote conservation in communities where elephants range. Namibia planned to sell 9-million tons. Similar sales are planning in Botswana (44 tons) on Friday, and next month in South Africa (51 tons) and Zimbabwe (4 tons). Most of the tusks were taken from elephants that died of natural causes, but environmentalists say that the sale will encourage poaching.

Ex-mayor gets 120 days in county jail

Rhino fight leaves one dead in Va.

A fight between two male rhinos at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk left one of the animals dead. Some time either Sunday night or Monday morning, Rufus, a 4,500-pound titan, was charged by the slightly smaller Alfred, and while there was little obvious damage, Rufus was hit near the liver, and it was fatal. Male rhinoceroses "generally don't get along," said zoo director Greg Bockheim. The animals had access to each other because a door was accidentally left open.

Picasso work is off the market

High-profile artworks haven't done well at auction in the current economic climate, and the upcoming sale of Pablo Picasso's Arlequin is off. The 1909 work was scheduled to be offered at Sotheby's in New York on Monday and was expected to fetch more than $30-million. Officially, the seller, the estate of surrealist Enrico Donati, withdrew the piece "for private reasons."

Nazi jokes still fall flat in Austria

A Vienna streetcar driver was surprised to learn that there is very little interest in any Nazi tomfoolery these days. The unidentified 35-year-old driver was fired after greeting riders on Saturday with, "Sieg Heil!" Some passengers laughed at the Nazi greeting, but others booed, and when the incident was reported, the driver was fired. And that may not be the end of the punishment. Invoking Nazi symbols and spreading Nazi propaganda are crimes in Austria.