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The time for little beggars knocking at your door is almost here again. For Halloween, costumes, of course, are a large part of the event. The getups often are elaborate and costly.

Because we are watching our expenditures, this may be the year for a homemade costume.

The following suggestions are for adults only.

There are so many bogeymen and bogeywomen to choose from. In some circles the No. 1 bad man would be George Bush, followed by Dick Cheney. The No. 1 bad female would be Sarah Palin.

For those on the other side of the fence, you have Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. Anyone from the "liberal media" also qualifies.

If you can't decide who is the worst, there are plenty of books being sold telling the ugly truth.

Thanks to the current financial crisis, there are heaps of other bogeypersons from which to choose for Halloween. Overpaid CEOs, financial gurus, banking executives and former governmental appointees fall into this category. For a costume, all you need is paper money hidden in your hand-tailored suit and a blank look on your face.

Another scary character would be a decisionmaker at an HMO or property insurance company. The costume is already in your closet because of casual Fridays. Just jeans and a shirt with the word "no" printed on it are all you need.

It would be astonishing if portraying a perceived enemy could purge the wearer of negative feelings. Maybe we could relieve ourselves of pent-up rage. If only the simple act of putting on a costume would remove all the hatred from our political discourse, Halloween would truly serve a purpose.

As you talk to friends and neighbors, voices are raised in frustration and anger. The negativity of the ad campaigns is fueling fear and uncertainty.

We do not need ghosts and goblins to scare us, because we are already terrified by reality. The most frightening thing we face is making a choice while we speculate whether we have been told the whole truth.

The next scariest thing is that many won't vote.

Mary Partington lives in New Port Richey.