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Published Oct. 29, 2008

New baseball stadium

After watching the Rays playing the Phillies Monday night, I can understand why the team wants an outdoor stadium for the St. Petersburg team. The pictures of the joy-filled fans huddled under plastic having the time of their lives, while cold rain ran down their necks, was downright inspiring.

The shots of the players warming their hands brought to mind what it would be like for them standing in the 110-degree sunshine in the outfield during our wonderful Florida summers. The rain splashing in the players' eyes, preventing them from catching the ball, reminded me of how the quality of the game would be improved if we could be lucky enough to play outside here in our hometown. After watching Monday night, I'm a convert!

Frank Drexler, St. Petersburg

Dome is a winner

I watched the Rays play in the freezing rain Monday night. I smiled when the Fox commentator said that maybe a domed stadium is not such a bad idea! That's what I think, too.

If the World Series were played in August, they would be fighting to play all the games here!

Marla Short, St. Petersburg

Berth gives rebirth to stadium talks Oct. 24

St. Petersburg should seek to save waterfront

In a recent article, the owner of the Rays, Stuart Sternberg, wishes that the team was playing the World Series at a new waterfront stadium.

First off, I'm very proud of our team and very happy for them that they are doing so well and I hope that they do, in fact, win the World Series.

With that being said, their ranking and their future have nothing to do with building a new waterfront stadium. The waterfront belongs to the people of St. Petersburg. It always has and always should remain for the enjoyment of the taxpayers of this great city.

In these economic times, how could anyone even consider spending taxpayers' money on a new stadium, anywhere in the city? Our electric costs are now going to increase thanks to a proposed new nuclear power plant, our water rates are out of control and taxes are hurting most of us. Food and housing are not affordable anymore, with most of us having to cut back just to keep up with our bills.

A new stadium is a luxury that we just can't afford. If the owners want a new stadium, then why don't they buy the land themselves and build it out of their own profits?

If the Rays owners really want to be good stewards for the city and are dedicated to the area, then they should consider all of these facts.

I wish them the best of luck, but leave our waterfront alone.

Marie Stirling, St. Petersburg

Shelter from the storm

Dateline: Philadelphia, Citizens Bank Park. World Series 2008, Game 5. Temperature 39 degrees, pouring rain, windy, see-your-breath kinda "raw." Game delay. Suspend game ...

Gee, I bet they wish they had a roof.

David McIntyre, St. Petersburg

A versatile venue

Again, the issue of a waterfront stadium for the Rays is being bantered around. When are we going to put this issue to rest?

It is obvious from the Rays' performance that their being at Tropicana Field was no detriment to their playing ability, as evidenced by their success this season. There is nothing wrong with Tropicana!

I have been to the stadium for games (and I am a Rays fan), as well as other events held throughout the year. That is the point! The versatility of this stadium should be a major consideration in the argument for its retention, aside from the obvious drawbacks to an open-air stadium on the waterfront!

The objections to a new stadium are numerous, including:

1. Environmental problems created by the dismantling of the Trop.

2. Depletion of our (taxpayer) financial resources - at a time when many residents are struggling to keep their homes, as well as their heads above water.

3. Lack of sufficient parking along the waterfront, which has been articulated over and over in the last nine months.

Diane Sagil, St. Petersburg

Our city's team

I think it is wonderful that the Tampa Bay Rays are a World Series team, however, I also maintain that the stadium, as it sits, is the best venue for national championship teams. No lightning, no thunder, no heat or cold, just lots of folks loving their Rays and being able to count on conditions always being favorable.

I do have to wonder why the St. Petersburg City Council doesn't demand the team be somehow renamed the St. Petersburg Rays or something similar as we are the town that supports this team and we are the town that loses financially when there is no support.

Go, Rays. Go, St. Petersburg. Keep the stadium and leave our waterfront alone.

Carol Skey, St. Petersburg

Respecting the national anthem Oct. 25, letter

True disrespect

Did the letter writers watch a different World Series Game 1 than I did? Although I'm not a Backstreet Boys fan and their rendition certainly would not have won a Grammy, I failed to see anything disrespectful about it. Merely altering the musical arrangement of a song does not change the spirit of it.

What I found extremely disheartening was that the letter writers offered "kudos to the Trop fans who responded by booing the Boys." These "fans" actually had just booed their own national anthem. How very disrespectful indeed.

Karen Marr, St. Petersburg