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Captain Henry Fortier was looking for more boats. Though, despite the economic times, he was still satisfied.

The Port Hudson Fishing Club organizer, reviewing his latest event - a two-day tournament this past weekend - was generally pleased with the catches the fisherman dragged in Sunday.

"For the times that we're in and the weather that rolled in," Fortier said, "we did all right. I thought the club was going to suffer a loss because our usual sponsors couldn't afford to help out as much. But we sold twice as many tickets as we had Friday and that's going to put us in the green for a little bit."

Fortier said the club was expecting 60-70 boats, but settled for 29 entries. There were three categories - redfish, kingfish and grouper - that each could enter.

First place for kingfish was David Steiner of Hudson, who won $1,000 with an 8.5-pound fish. First for redfish was Kevin Johnson of Hudson, who won $700 with a 267/8 inch, 7.5-pound fish, while second went to Jay Marina of Hudson, who won $300 with a 261/8 inch, 6.7-pound fish.

With groupers, first was Kenny Roop, who won $700 with a 11.45-pound fish, and second was Max Thomas, who won $300 with 9.85-pound fish. Both Hudson residents were fishing off the boat, the 19th Tee.

Fortier said there were two calcuttas, or side bets among the fishermen. Roop won $100 for the heaviest grouper, while Marina won $40 for the heaviest trout.

Fortier added most of the fish were donated to Holy Ground in Hudson, which is an organization that helps unprivileged people. The fish, Fortier said, were sent there as food for the people.

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