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He is billed as boxing's biggest loser.

And Friday, when the bell rings for the final time in his career, Peter Buckley will touch gloves with his opponent and try to avoid his 257th defeat in 300 bouts.

The 39-year-old super featherweight has the worst record of any current fighter. It is so bad that he hasn't won in five years. There are nights, however, when things actually go his way. He can point to 31 victories and 12 draws on his record.

"I'm always in the gym. So if I get a call a couple of hours before a fight, I usually say yes," Buckley said. "If you phone up a bricklayer and ask him to build you a wall, he doesn't ask for three weeks to prepare. He comes round and does it straight away. Why should a boxer be any different?"

The Englishman sometimes goes into the ring with a black eye from his previous fight. In his last bout Friday, he lost a six-rounder in Wales.

Buckley's last victory was a decision over Joel Viney in October 2003. Although he has had two draws since, Buckley also has lost 84 times. Some of his defeats have come against fighters who went on to become world champions, including Prince Naseem Hamed, Duke McKenzie, Scott Harrison and Colin McMillan.

Saying he has long planned to retire after 300 fights, Buckley will appear on a card in his home city of Birmingham. He faces Matin Mohammed, against whom he earned a draw on Oct. 5.

Buckley has been given the favorite's corner for a change, and he wonders about the change of scenery.

"It's great to get my final fight in my home city, but I'm not sure about being in the home corner," he said. "When the bell goes between rounds, I'm not sure if I'll know where to go."