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2,760 Minutes between the last pitch Monday and the first pitch Wednesday

187 Pitches thrown in the first 5-1/2 innings on Monday

88 Pitches thrown in the final three innings on Wednesday

Half game, full price

Ticket stubs were the most valuable commodity in Philadelphia on Tuesday and Wednesday as fans tried to connect with their counterparts who couldn't attend the resumption of Game 5, hoping to buy just a few innings of what they hoped was the Phillies' first title in 28 years. Stubs for seats behind home plate were listed at $3,500 around 4 p.m., with outfield seats around $850.

True clubhouse insider

When travel director Jeff Ziegler was scrambling for hotel rooms on Monday night, the players were making their own plans. "We were calling couches in the clubhouse," LHP J.P. Howell said. "I had one, and they said, 'Not enough time (in the big leagues) buddy, you get on the floor.' Trever Miller called me out: 'That couch is mine, kid.' I said, 'Yeah it is.'"

Delaware leftover quote of the day

"It's happened, but I was under the influence. This time, it's straight up. Straight up, going, 'Here we are, where am I?"

- LHP J.P. Howell, on not knowing where he was when waking up Tuesday

Sportstown USA note of the day

The NBA's Sixers didn't get left out of being overshadowed by the Phillies. Saturday, the NHL Flyers played at home before the Phillies hosted Game 3. Sunday, the NFL Eagles played at home before Game 4. And Wednesday, the NBA Sixers opened their season at home as the Phillies resumed Game 5.