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Published Oct. 30, 2008

"It's my Halloween costume; I'm dressed up as a Floridian. I don't need this mask."

Rhode Island native Rocco Baldelli, sporting one of the Rays' new ski masks.

Cover boy of the day

Rocco Baldelli doesn't get excited about much, but being on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated - colliding with Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz in Game 2 - was a thrill. "It's pretty cool; that doesn't happen every day. My buddies back home, my brother, they were pretty excited, too," he said. "The picture made it look pretty good. But he held onto the ball, so it didn't really matter too much."

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel

On playing the World Series at a neutral site:

"I'd rather have it home for the Phillies fans to get to see us play in Philadelphia. And I'm sure Tampa Bay probably feels the same way (about the games in St. Petersburg). But there again, you have to ask them. I think from a World Series standpoint, I think it should stay in your city."

Rays manager Joe Maddon

On playing the World Series at a neutral site:

"Oh, no, not at all. I don't like that. I think each town should be rewarded. Growing up such a baseball fan like myself, to think that (the World Series) would have been moved would have been bad. Each ballpark is unique. Look at our place. We would be at a great disadvantage playing in a neutral spot."