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Pregnancy center story misleading - Oct. 29, letter

The letter writer said that the article on the West Pasco Pregnancy Center contained half-truths.

What is wrong with using ultrasound technology to provide an image of an unborn baby to his/her mother? It is often the first time a mother sees the image of the unborn child she is carrying. It is an absolutely legitimate purpose of a pregnancy center.

Abortion clinics often take ultrasound in order to determine how far along a pregnancy is, but the only difference is that they often use tax dollars while the West Pasco Pregnancy Center provides this service for free thanks to contributions from donors.

Another difference is that the abortion industry and its supporters fight every attempt to get abortion providers to show the images to their clients. If the letter writer thinks that the article contained a half-truth, he should probably ask why the abortion industry hides the real truth by fighting to keep such images from mothers.

Charlie Reese, board member West Pasco Pregnancy Center, Lutz

Do stolen signs reveal real GOP? - Oct. 30, letter

McCain backers are victims, too

My McCain/Palin bumper stickers have been torn off my car. I've woken up in the morning only to see that someone had driven their vehicle on my lawn to run over my McCain/Palin signs. I have been approached by individuals on campus at USF in a very rude and derogatory manner when getting in and out of my car because they didn't appreciate that I was a McCain supporter by the bumper stickers on my car.

I have seen graffiti written on the garage door of an individual's house that said "Vote Obama Expletive." To say that only those who support the GOP are stealing signs and vandalizing individuals' personal property is completely false. It is happening on both sides regardless of who you support and it is wrong, period.

Ryan Davis, New Port Richey

They're up to the task Oct. 29, article

All children have right to eduction

How sad it is that Jim Cracchiolo says he got a call from the district office asking if he would accept a student. Shame on him for thinking he held Jake's fate in his hands. Jake has rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that afford him a free and appropriate education.

I am a mother to a wonderful autistic daughter and you never get used to educators who have the attitude that they are doing you a favor by teaching your child. Also shame on Cracchiolo for perpetuating the old notion that autistic people can only do work such as food, flowers, filing, etc. If Pasco wants to do it right, it should look at best practice programs that work with families and autistic students who attain highly personalized, customized jobs in the community such as the ones on this Web site:

Teresa Davis, Brandon

They're up to the task Oct. 29 article

School program breaks wage laws

As a father of an autistic son, I read the article about the Wesley Chapel High School with interest. Unfortunately, the program at this school is nothing new! It's actually quite old school in the fact that it has the students working in food service doing the work that paid employees are doing side by side. It is highly illegal according to the wage and hours laws of the United States.

How many other teenagers do you know who work for free in food service? Why is it accepted for the disabled to work for free when others are getting paid to do the same work? In addition, people with disabilities are often pushed into working in food service, filth (janitorial) and flowers (landscape work) rather than an area that is compatible with their individual interests.

Why don't you ask Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas County schools how many autistic graduates are working in the school district? Then we will know if this program really amounts to anything.

Tony Thomas, Tampa