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William Balfour, the 27-year-old felon suspected of killing Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew, told cops he was innocent, but won't take a lie-detector test, police said. Balfour, stepfather of Hudson's nephew and estranged husband of her sister, told detectives he had a good relationship with the Hudson family, but stopped cooperating when a polygraph came up, an official said, speaking anonymously because he's not supposed to discuss the case. Meanwhile, a funeral home announced Thursday that services for Hudson's mother, brother and nephew will be held on Monday morning. The service at Apostolic Church of God on Chicago's South Side will be closed to the public. Balfour had not been charged as of Thursday, while investigators gathered evidence and followed up on leads, the official said. However, the official said police do not think anyone else was involved in the killings.

Posh shows off undies

We all know David Beckham can sell underwear, but what about wife Victoria? Well, they don't call her Posh for nothin'. Giorgio Armani has asked the fairer Beckham to also sell his line of undies. "Victoria adored David's underwear campaign, not least because it was quite raunchy. She always used to laugh with her girlie pals about David's bulging packet on billboards and how proud she was," the U.K.'s Mirror quotes a source. "So she just jumped at the chance to follow suit and be involved in a similar campaign - and it will probably be just as sexy." This is a big deal for Posh, since she's a mom of three, which isn't the first thing you see on a lingerie model's resume. "Victoria is very much aware there is a limited shelf life for any woman as to how long they can model, let alone model underwear," a source said of the $20-million(!) deal. "She is over the moon and extremely flattered to be the face and body of such a high-profile advertising campaign." Somehow it's not hard to believe Vicki's happy to be plastered all over billboards. It's like 1995 all over again!

Joss Stone: Get out and vote

If for some reason you're apathetic about voting, keep in mind that Joss Stone, who isn't even an American citizen, is encouraging you to pick a candidate. The 21-year-old is teaming up with HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization devoted to registering voters, the AP reports. "America is a large, major power and it affects everywhere, so I can't just sit down and shut up," the Brit said last week. "Just because I can't vote doesn't mean I can't say what I mean and what I feel. I just hope that people will vote. ... I'm not here to say Barack or McCain, I'm hear to say, 'Have a voice and use it.' It's so important." The singer released a song, Governmentalist, to spread her message: "I feel like it needs to be heard now and if I'm going to speak, I feel the loudest way to speak is through music." Stone will perform the track at HeadCount's "Get Out the Vote Party" on Monday, election eve, in New York. Other performers include Robert Randolph, ?uestlove of the Roots and Stanton Moore of Galactic. Vote early, vote often!

Guy hated Madge 'contract'

What kind of ridiculous stuff can come out about Madonna and Guy Ritchie that would provide fodder for the rumor mill? How about some alleged marriage contract? The U.K.'s Sun says besides being instructed to never shout at her, he had to read Kabbalah texts and find time to sex her up. The rules, so sayeth the tabloid, included:

-Guy must work to enrich his wife's emotional and spiritual well being.

-Guy must resolve conflicts in a constructive way.

-Guy must never shout at his wife, but instead state calmly: I understand that my actions have upset you, please work with me to resolve this.

-We both must devote time to our sexual expressiveness.

-We must not use sex as a stick to beat one another.

Sources said Madge pinned the rules up in their home after they visited a marriage counselor. True? Who knows. But the best part is the unnamed source's quote: "Guy felt bound up like a kipper." How folksy!

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