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Graham Walls of East Sussex, England, really got in the Halloween spirit and invested about $1,000 in his decorations. There were skeletons, zombies, witches and a tombstone. The seasonal finery was so convincing, that his landlords have ordered him to remove it all because neighbors said the decor was scaring their kids. "My kids had the life scared out of them when they saw the zombies hanging on the wall," Sally Hollis, 41, told the Daily Mail. Walls complied when he was told that decorating communal areas was against his lease.

Crime & punishment

Man's jail sentence gets supersized

Kyle Dufresne was released from a jail in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, after serving about 180 days. The problem: He was sentenced to 45 days. Dufresne says he tried to tell prison officials that he was supposed to be released after 45 days, but they didn't take his word for it. They thought he was serving a year. "This is a very unfortunate incident," corrections minister Darryl Hickie told the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. The province's policy for when they keep someone in jail too long - it happens often enough that they have a policy - is to pay the inmate minimum wage for eight hours per day for every extra day they are incarcerated. For Dufresne, that would mean about $9,600. Canadian.

No such thing as a free doughnut

A police officer on the campus of New York's Morrisville State College University has been cited on charges of embodying a stereotype. Campus cop Sgt. Steve Brody made a daily stop to pick up a paper and take advantage of the convenience store's policy of free coffee for officers in uniform. But the store has no policy of free pastries, and police say surveillance video caught Brody pocketing about $30 worth of pastry over the course of 17 visits. He was given a ticket for petit larceny.

World travelers

Big U.N. fans visit every member

Some people want to visit all the big league stadiums. Others tour national parks. Peter and Kay Forwood of Brisbane, Australia, made it their life vacationing goal to visit all the countries that were members of the United Nations. That's 193 countries. It took 12 years, but they say they did it. They saw a large part of the world from their motorcycle, which racked up more than 300,000 miles along the way, according to the Dominion Post in New Zealand, which was the couple's 193rd country. They aren't done, though. "We'll keep going till the bike dies," Peter said.

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"Yesterday in Washington, the Secret Service arrested a man who climbed over the White House fence. The Secret Service told the man, 'Get back here, Mr. President, you have two more months.'"

Conan O'Brien,host of Late Night