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St. Petersburg Times Florida beat reporter Antonya English answered questions during a live chat Thursday at Excerpts:

What's the vibe among the players?

I would describe it as a quiet confidence. You can tell they know this team is talented. You can tell they can sense this team has the makings of producing a very special season. But you can also tell that Urban Meyer and his coaching staff are riding them daily, hourly, to ensure they don't get cocky and start believing all the hype. And let's face it, there's a LOT of hype surrounding this team.

Will defensive coordinator Charlie Strong be in Gainesville next season?

If you're judging strictly by his talent and what he's done over the course of his career, particularly lately, he probably should be gone already. Let's just be honest. For whatever reason, there aren't that many black head coaches in college football, and getting one of those jobs isn't easy. I don't know why he hasn't gotten a head coaching job yet, but if the defense plays like it is expected (to) and he doesn't at least get a few calls, you have to wonder why he's not getting an opportunity.

Can we expect to see Jeff Demps or Chris Rainey filling Percy Harvin's role?

That (hybrid) position definitely won't be going away. Can anybody else do it like Percy? That's debatable. But the coaching staff firmly believes that Demps and Rainey will both make a significant impact in that role.

Which game do the Florida players think will be their toughest of the year?

Because they are drilled about not talking more than one game ahead, you don't really hear them talking about the subject too much. But they definitely know LSU is ALWAYS a tough place to play. I'd be stunned if it's not a night game, and the atmosphere there is unbelievable.

Has there been any discussion about Tim Tebow going under center more often?

Quarterbacks coach Scott Loeffler said (Wednesday) that only people who are highly trained in football mechanics will notice much of a difference in Tim Tebow this year. He and Meyer insist that all this talk about "remaking" Tebow for the NFL is just talk. Loeffler did work on some of his mechanics and his throwing motion, but Tim told me it was more of just helping him get better, not drastically changing his style.