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What are the Wolves doing?

Kenneth Hiscock has 28 juniors, so he continues to build a nice program, even if the rest of the county hasn't quite noticed yet.

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Why the Wolves will make the playoffs

Will Win If the defense can match last year's, which allowed only 36 points in the final six games.

Why the Wolves may not make the playoffs

Will Lose If A rough start demoralizes them. The Wolves open with Armwood-Jefferson-Alonso. Yikes.

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What they're saying about the Wolves

Coach Kenneth Hiscock "We had a great first two weeks of practice this fall, probably the best ones we've had since I've been here. The kids are looking good.''

Coach Kenneth Hiscock "It was huge for us getting that experience with the playoff berth and just being in that environment of a winning season and feeding off those Ws.''

Robinson coach Mike DePue "That's a talented bunch of kids and they have a great fullback. ... They're a hard-nosed team and that young coach does a fantastic job.''

RB Conner Powers "This is like the first team we've had where the team camaraderie is very high. The intensity is very high.''

Friday Night Rewind The Wolves have toiled in anonymity in recent years, but may have stepped onto the county's big stage with last year's season.

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A few Wolves we'll be following on Fridays

RB Conner Powers The junior isn't much for words. Asked about his goals, he simply said "1,000 yards." He's already done it once.

QB Matt Klenke He's a senior, but starting for the first time. A four-year vet of the program, though, he is expected to handle the role seamlessly.

LB Joe Worth Leader of a good Newsome defense had 71 tackles and six sacks last season.

DB Niko Anthony The Wolves are junior heavy, but this senior will need to come up on the rebuilt defense.