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Published Sep. 11, 2009

What are the Gryphons doing?

Employing a triple-option offense, not to mention the services of a handful of impact transfers.


What they're saying about the Gryphons

Coach Pat O'Brien "We're excited. It's a new schedule, new district, we've got new faces - players and coaches both - and a new attitude, really."

Gaither coach Mark Kantor "Any time any team runs the triple (option), there are challenges that have to be thought through and understood."

Gaither coach Mark Kantor "It forces you to get away from having to game plan for spread teams and go with somebody that's running the triple option."

ATH Scott O'Donoghue "I like the reads (of the triple option). ... You can kind of work it to your advantage by reading (defenses)."

ATH Scott O'Donoghue "I mean, we definitely need some practice at it, but we're going to get there."

Friday Night Rewind A dark-horse playoff candidate. The infusion of transfers (players and coaches) might be enough to sneak Sickles in as a district runnerup.

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Tweet and sour

Why the Gryphons will make the playoffs

Will Win If

Because their district is tiny (four schools), some difference-makers have transferred in, and the triple option can be a bear when run right.

Why the Gryphons may not make the playoffs

Will Lose If The new offense flops, the transfers don't mesh with the returning Gryphons, or injuries decimate the roster for a second year in a row.

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Additional characters

A few Gryphons we'll be following on Fridays

ATH Scott O'Donoghue O'Brien says when you rip this senior's jersey off, there's an 'S' on his chest.

WR Chris Nahat A speedster who has grown 3 inches (to 6-foot-2) since last season.

DL Ian Hopkins This 284-pound Alonso transfer suddenly makes the Gryphons' four-man front imposing.

FB/LB Carey White Sturdy Gaither transfer could be a force in the triple option

Offensive coordinator Brian Turner Will the ex-Chamberlain coordinator's offense work on a team less athletic than his previous one?