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Shorter periods of daylight combined with slightly cooler night temperatures have increased activity in the shallows along the Nature Coast. Snook, trout and redfish have become more active around the main shoreline and river mouths, and good tides this holiday weekend should provide for ample opportunities for inshore anglers.

When, where:The coming days will bring early morning low tides followed by a strong incoming tide through mid afternoon. Plan to start way off the shoreline and follow the fish and the tide as water depths allow. This keeps you in the feeding zone as predators follow their prey toward the cover of the shoreline as the water rises.

The bait: Artificial lures work well when fish are on the move and they allow you to cover a lot more water. Top water lures are fun and effective but floating grass might present issues in some areas. For areas with excessive grass, try soft plastic jerk baits rigged weedless. They make a great presentation, and when used un-weighted can be fished in waters of a foot or less.

Tips: Most of bait on the flats has been small the past few weeks, so take that into account when selecting lures.

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