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Land O'Lakes' rookie coach, Matt Kitchie, seemingly praises everyone after an easy win.

Following his first win as Land O'Lakes coach, Matt Kitchie left no stone unturned while parceling out credit for Friday's 52-0 season-opening rout of Ridgewood.

"The really nice thing about being here right now is that we have three great running backs, but it all starts up front," Kitchie said. "The winners of this game are the offensive line: Patrick Kronk, T.J. Chamberlin, Peter Hernandez, Chris Thomas and Donnie Gonzalez.

"This was a great, great way to start my career at Land O'Lakes. But I just have to say that it's the kids that did this. They played their hearts out and did what we asked them to do."

Kitchie wasn't just playing a modest role. He was accurately portraying Land O' Lakes' shutout.

Steve Weatherford led the aerial attack with 101 yards and three touchdowns, Tyler Peak took advantage of his line as he rushed for 259 yards and three touchdowns. And the special teams blocked a punt and stripped a kick returner.

"We put a real big concentration on special teams every week," Kitchie said. "Every day, we have a special teams period. We go over it. We practice it, but we practice (to make it) perfect. We don't allow mistakes. And these kids are really buying into what we are doing, and obviously, the results are pretty good."

Up 31-0 at halftime, Kitchie pulled Weatherford after the first series of the third quarter, replacing him with Peak.

And despite running the ball throughout the half, the Gators scored an additional three touchdowns, one by Kronk, a 315-pound senior.

As for the Rams' reaction to the loss?

"You are going to love this quote," coach Chris Taylor said as he walked away.

"No comment."