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Get ready to cringe: The horrible hits of 1985 are back

Do you remember this album cover art from the '80s? If so, there's your hint for naming one of the songs featured on this week's podcast: The Horrible Hits of 1985.

Now let me just clarify for the one billionth time: It's a HAPPY show. Sure, we're making fun of a few signature tunes. But it's not like we're running the singer's dog over with our car. And for the record, sure, I have most of this week's shows on my iPod.

Other highlights from this week's show:

- Our Name that '80 Tune is a rare montage challenge.

- Cathy Wos returns to swill root beer and berate Sean and Spearsy.

- Steve cries out for a fashion consultant -- or your Blockbuster card.

Daly admits that he's into genital mutilation.

Yeah and somewhere in between we manage to convey a few facts. Click here ( to download. Or click here ( to get all our shows for free. Just beware of Sean's fist during certain songs and everything will work out nicely.

Posted by Steve Spears at 09:46:02 AM on September 7, 2009