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Re: Veteran service cuts

It has always been my observation that politicians will use veterans and veterans issues for their own purposes, especially when it comes to their re-elections.

The government has once again let veterans down by cutting staffing that is so vital for us to muddle through the VA bureaucracy. The Sept. 8 article said that two staffers were put back, but they were added back to a staff that was never enough to start with.

It is time for a real change in our local government.

Aldo Boselli, New Port Richey

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Obama speech a welcome pep talk

As a retired educator, I welcome President Barack Obama's speech to students. Having taught in middle school, I realize that something is needed to inspire students to work hard and achieve their goals.

Since retiring, I now volunteer at one of the high schools in my county. I can state from experience that something is needed to motivate students. Florida has a very high dropout rate among its students. If a pep talk from this president will help students focus and stay in school, I am all for it. Everyone knows it is the job of parents to encourage their children to stay in school; however, it appears that help is needed.

Has this nation become so polarized that some evil motive is seen in anything said by someone from the other party? This nation is too great to let these partisan politicians make something evil out of something that might help students stay in school or reach achievements to their highest ability.

LaTreetha E. Sharpley, Spring Hill

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President speaks at freedom's dais

I am at a loss to understand the controversy that surrounds the address by the president of the United States to our schoolchildren. The extreme responses to President Obama's speech befuddle my imagination.

As a parent and as a member of this society, it would never dawn on me to prevent my children from attending such a prestigious event. Regardless of the political party with which the sitting president is affiliated, to have the leader of our country personally deliver a message about the value of education directly to our children is a wonderful and grand occasion.

But what keeps me grounded is the knowledge that it is because of freedoms that exist in this country that those with differing opinions have the right to voice their position. They have the right to decide if their children will attend. They have the right to create an environment of narrow-mindedness and unsubstantiated fear through their words and actions on to their own children.

While I may disagree with those who have lost sight of the respect and responsibility every member of this country has to our freely elected leader and the fundamentals of this society, I will support the freedom and constitutionally ensured right to make your own decision.

I say this regardless of my opinion that your behavior casts you as crude, disrespectful and borderline un-American. May the ethereal powers that are the foundation of your system of beliefs bless and guide America and our president.

Duncan Hitchcock, New Port Richey

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Truth not fear is key to health reform - Sept. 7 column

Health reform skirts the truth

Jan Glidewell writes in his column about truth and making choices. He states that "there is nothing wrong with a public option."

First, does he think that a government-run health care system will be more likely to make reforms in their system than medical corporations, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies? Just look to our elected representatives and see how reform minded they are. Sen. Charles Rangel is a good case to consider with his current tax problems and role in writing tax law.

Since we are talking about truth, that is something our current president knows nothing about. He says if you like your present health care you can keep it. That's a statement that cannot be reconciled with cuts in Medicare and doing away with Advantage health care plans.

Thomas Robinson, Weeki Wachee

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Bill analysis fails to recognize facts - Sept. 6 letter

Consider source of doctor's info

I am sure Dr. Tracy of Brooksville is a fine doctor, but to get her facts from the Lewin Group speaks volumes.

The Lewin Group is a think tank wholly owned by the United Health Group, one of the nation's largest insurers, according to the Washington Post.

Call me a skeptic, but isn't there a saying in Washington that you dance with the one that brought you to the party?

Tom Mullett, Port Richey