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Can't Fight This Feeling: We still love these 10 hits from 1985

Stuck in the '80s is taking its lumps for the songs we named for the Horrible Hits of 1985 ( podcast. And maybe we deserve it.

No. No way. I'm sorry, but The Honeydrippers' Sea of Love ( still smells as foul, wretched and hopeless as Sean Daly ( after the VH1 Behind The Music: Spandau Ballet premiere.

Still, he and I remain hopelessly addicted to many of the tunes from that year. And so, without further insult (okay one more: Sorry, but Robert Palmer simply isn't irresistible: to my ears), we present this olive branch. Click the artist names to see the video.


10. ST. ELMO'S FIRE - MAN IN MOTION (John Parr: Pay no attention to our St. Elmo's podcast: Free Rob Lowe!

9. WOULD I LIE TO YOU? (Eurythmics: Never believe a woman when she asks "Would I lie to you." The answer is usually yes.

8. BE NEAR ME (ABC: "The message is perfectly simple..." Martin Fry is one of the greatest performers we've seen perform live in the last few years.

7. NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS (Paul McCartney: "I can wait another day," until Give My Regards To Broad Street comes on DVD. (I can wait many days. But I love this song.)

6. I CAN'T HOLD BACK (Survivor: "There's a story in my eyes" ... of a band that should NEVER be referred to as a one-hit wonder!

5. WHAT ABOUT LOVE? (Heart: What's with all the songs with questions in the titles from singers named Anne? "Don't you want someone to care about you?" Trust me, guys, that's a hypothetical question.

4. FORTRESS AROUND YOUR HEART (Sting: A special dedication to that date I took to the Sting concert back in 1985. Sorry about the bags of rum( Hope you feel better.

3. SENTIMENTAL STREET (Night Ranger: Will Jack Blade and the gang play this underrated tune on their current tour with REO Speedwagon and Styx? Find out Oct. 30 with me at Tampa's Ford Amphitheatre. (Or at a city near you:

2. THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER (Howard Jones: Howard's Q-Tip hair is long gone, but the song remains as one of the cheeriest of the decade.

1. CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING (REO Speedwagon: A weeper of a video. And not for the line "It's time to bring this ship into the shore and throw away the oar forever." Maybe the most dedication-worthy song of 1985? Even if a person wants to remain ghostly anonymous.

What other hits do you shamelessly adore from 1985? Here's a full list(

Posted by Steve Spears at 02:07:01 PM on September 9, 2009

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No 'Psych'-out: Judd Nelson back on TV

Do you have a favorite Judd Nelson role? We're betting it's his epic take as Bender in The Breakfast Club. Or the fidelity-challenged Alex Newbary in St. Elmo's Fire. Maybe Eddie Keaton in 1984's Making the Grade?

Judd's favorite role is probably whatever role he's playing next. Aside from his entertaining turn in TV's Suddenly Susan, the former Brat Packer has had a relatively low profile career since the '80s.

But we're "psyched" (sorry) to say his latest job will be on TV's Psych, where he'll play Dr. Reidman, a specialist at the Centers for Disease Control. (Eww.) The show broke the news on their Twitter feed ( -- how un-80s! -- but will only say he's on Episode 12 in the winter run.

Still, we'll take it. And for what it's worth, ( shows Nelson will 10 flicks in some various stage of production. Until those arrive, we'll busy ourselves with these forgotten performances until that "winter run."


5. STEEL (1997): "Eat the hot dog, don't be one!"

4. AIRHEADS (1994): "Bea Arthur?... Outstanding."

3. FROM THE HIP (1987): " Is this your idea of a pep talk?"

2. NEW JACK CITY (1991): "Is this one of those black things?"

1. FANDANGO (1984): "We're not youths anymore, Peter Pan!"

Posted by Steve Spears at 10:40:47 AM on September 9, 2009