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A survey suggests that as many as 25 million Brits - about half - have been injured by the treats they eat with their coffee and tea. Most are admittedly minor, but at least 500 end up in the hospital. Most of the injuries involved being splashed with scalding liquid while dunking, or trying to fish out broken pieces from the cup. The survey, called the Biscuit Injury Threat Evaluation, found 28 percent of the injuries were the result of choking, and 10 percent involved breaking a tooth. Yum. There were the 7 percent who were injured by animals trying to get the treat, and 3 percent who poked themselves in the eye with it. But the winner: "One gentleman got stuck in wet concrete after wading in to retrieve a dropped biscuit," said Mike Driver, marketing director for Rocky, which commissioned the research.

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Head over heels

After proposal, she takes the plunge

A woman was swept off her feet when her boyfriend proposed to her Sunday. Which was bad because they were at the edge of a cliff on Billy Goat Trail in Maryland. The woman slipped and fell about 10 feet down a rock face, briefly lost consciousness and suffered bruises and head wounds. When her boyfriend - well, by then, fiance - couldn't help her up, park officials called for a helicopter to get her. "That must have been a heck of a proposal," Assistant Chief Scott Graham of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue told the Washington Post. "I believe she (accepted). If she didn't, I think we ought to investigate."

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On drugs

Street value: $500K. Location: in street

It isn't unusual for drug police to find houses full of marijuana plants. It is unusual for them to find a street full of them, though. So when officials found 236 high-grade potted pot plants on a street in Durant, Okla., they knew something was up. "(A domestic dispute) is the first thing that came to our minds," Chuck Carroll, field supervisor for the Drug Task Force, told the Oklahoman. "Someone wanted this marijuana to be found." With a street value of about $2,000 each, the plants were worth almost $500,000. "Crazy. Someone's Christmas is going to be lean this year." The plants were seized and destroyed. By fire.

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The glue crew

The four women accused of luring a philandering Wisconsin man to a motel room to mete out their own form of justice will stand trial for their actions, a judge has decided. The women - the man's estranged wife, two girlfriends and their friend - are all charged with false imprisonment, and one of the girlfriends is charged with sexual assault for using Krazy Glue in a way that was never intended.

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