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From the pages of the St. Petersburg Times and Evening Independent.

100 years ago - 1909

Sept. 11: Wild cats "or more properly, catamounts" had been attacking poultry north of the city. Four of the cats had been killed in the last few days. It was thought several more were at large and it was "unsafe to leave fowl out at night."

* * *

75 years ago - 1934

Sept. 6: Dr. A.J. Geiger of Winter Park was confirmed as the new principal of St. Petersburg High School and supervising principal of the two junior highs.

Sept. 7: Florida's "average family" spent $254 on food annually, according to officials in the Depression-era relief agency. The average in St. Petersburg was $251. Miami had the highest food prices. Eggs cost about 37 cents per dozen in Miami, while in Gainesville, they were 27 cents. Flour was 5.9 cents a pound vs. 4.7 in Gainesville. Tomatoes cost 10 cents a pound in Key West, 9.4 cents in Miami and 8.3 cents in Bradenton.

* * *

50 years ago - 1959

Sept. 8: Dixie M. Hollins High School opened with 1,046 students, although buildings were still incomplete. The new school served as an area school, a countywide industrial and countywide technological school.

Sept. 9: More than 3 inches of rain fell in an hour, flooding the soggy city, moving parked cars and causing the evacuation of a nursery school on Fifth Avenue S. The rain came two days after a similar afternoon storm dumped more than 2 inches, and a month after 5.27 inches fell in three days. Total rainfall for the year stood at 70.89 inches. (There was a record rainfall in 1959: 87.62 inches. The city average is around 46.)

* * *

25 years ago - 1984

Sept. 6: Radio, television and newspaper reporters surrounded Willie L. Freeman in the hallway at City Hall. They wanted to know how it felt to be named the "Most Conscientious Sanitation Worker" in the city. More than 480 customers elected Freeman "Captain Clean" over 34 other workers. "I work hard and try to be friendly," said Freeman, 40, who worked the Meadowlawn and Shore Acres routes.

Sept. 12: St. Anthony's Hospital would soon offer epidural anesthesia for women having babies. Although developed in the 1940s, epidurals were offered at only one other hospital in Pinellas, Bayfront Medical Center, since July 1958.

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