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I was having breakfast the other day, and staring me in the face was my wife's Woman's World magazine and the headline: "Get a great job - even in this economy!" How could I not pass this information on to you? Here goes . . .

- "Look next door! Sure you know to ask friends and former colleagues about potential jobs - but a new study finds your neighbors may be more helpful (even if you don't know them well)!" says Woman's World. "Researchers found you're 33 percent more likely to land a job you hear about from someone on your block, as opposed to friends or folks who live a block or two away!" So, for goodness sake, don't leave your immediate neighbors out of your networking plans.

- "Make your resume look like this! Fit your resume onto a single page, and use 12-point type in an understated font, such as Times New Roman or Helvetica," adds Woman's World. "A survey of career professionals found employers look more favorably on applicants with a simple, business-like resume, and forget the colored paper; white is the hands-down preferred shade, even more than beige!"

- Be extra nice to this person, says Woman's World. "According to a survey of more than 150 senior executives, over half say they ask their assistant's opinion when it comes to hiring someone; more than 20 percent wouldn't make a hiring decision without their assistant's approval! So be extra polite whenever you interact with them, on the phone or in person, like asking for their name (and using it!) and engaging in polite conversation."

- "Give yourself a recommendation!" Woman's World adds. "Since studies show more than half of employers Google job applicants before hiring them, you can use that to your advantage by (making) sure they see something great! Just sign up for a job networking site like or, then ask folks in your corner - like friends and family - to add a positive reference to your profile. They can just highlight your good traits. Whenever a potential boss searches for you online, they'll instantly see glowing opinions about you!"

Thank you, Woman's World!

Marvin Walberg is a job search coach.