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1In Hillsborough County, the School Board yanked exam exemptions out from under perfect-attendance do-gooders. Pinellas is likely to tweak its exemption policy as well, and as long as they're mulling it over, some School Board members say the exemptions should be dropped altogether. Blame swine flu. The school districts don't want to encourage kids to come to school sick. Hey, that actually makes some sense.

2People are taking some extremely extreme precautions. In May, more than 5,000 University of South Florida grads didn't even get to shake USF president Judy Genshaft's hand after receiving their diplomas because the peril was deemed too great. We would have just awarded those students some sweet blueberry Germ-X as a parting gift.

3Just when you thought swine flu wasn't a big deal, six people in Hillsborough County and three people in Pinellas County catch it and die. Granted, most had underlying medical conditions, but still. In Florida, swine flu has killed at least 70 people.

4Young people (under 24) are the most at-risk. Whoa, that's us! Some officials think absentee rates could reach 30 percent as the bug spreads through classrooms.

5Earlier this year, a bunch of bay area schools closed because of swine flu. We're not complaining about the days off, but some schools canceled more than class. Freedom High canceled all extracurricular activities and pulled its track and field athletes from state competition.

- Kelly Price, Durant High

Do you have it? Swine flu symptoms

Fever greater than 100 degrees, sore throat, cough. Some people experience body aches, a headache, vomiting and diarrhea. Think you've got it? The CDC recommends you stay home from school at least 24 hours after your fever breaks.

* Apologies to the pig. You don't get swine flu from pigs. For statewide updates, go to or call the toll-free H1N1 swine flu information line at 1-877-352-3581.