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One thing is certain: Fashion is always evolving. With such constant change, how are you supposed to keep up? tb-two*'s stylefile will answer your burning style questions, turning to Dillard's Andrea Pablo for advice about what's hot and which style commandments you're allowed to bend. (Her office is in the store, for cryin' out loud; she knows something about clothes.)

Why do many stores sell clothing for teenagers that we can't wear to school?

I can definitely see how this can be a big problem for your school wardrobe. Fortunately, there are many options available to make any outfit more dress-code friendly. I suggest finding the essential pieces to layer over your weekend wear. Throw a cardigan or jean jacket over your spaghetti strap dresses or a plaid hoodie over tank tops. Try wearing a funky pair of print leggings under skirts. With a little layering, you won't have to worry about detention for dress code violations.

What are some summer clothes that are wearable into fall?

I definitely get more bang for my buck by recycling clothes from last season. You can do the same with really any of your summer staples; you just need to update them with a few fall key pieces. Here's a great example of how to transition your breezy summer look into a fall fashion statement. Take a short, flowy dress and layer on a cardigan. Top off your look with some great accessories. Wrap a braided belt around your waist, throw on a scarf and add a cross-body satchel. Finish off the look with a chic pair of boots. Your sassy summer dress is now a fabulous fall outfit!

Andrea Pablo works with special events and advertising at Dillard's in St. Petersburg. Fashion is her favorite subject.