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Private four-year university

Admission difficulty: Exxxxtreme

Size: Small

Tuition: $47,500 a year, but generous financial aid.

Who goes there: That kid who really annoyed you in second grade because he was the first to raise his hand to answer every question; kids whose fathers can afford to name buildings after them; kids who think they want to grow up to be president.

Known for producing: Presidents, CEOs, rich people, professors, snobs.

Pros: An unparalleled liberal arts undergraduate education; an endowment larger than the GDP of many countries; lots of money for grants and fellowships; professors who wrote all your textbooks; intellectual conversations while reading the New York Times over breakfast; far more debauchery than you would expect; posh dorms and intimate residential colleges; if you don't have a country house in Cape Cod or Aspen, chances are someone in your freshman year suite will.

Cons: New Haven; losing out to athletes for all the girls; having the following conversation for the rest of your life:

"Where do/did you go to college?"

"In Connecticut."

"Like where?"


"Oh. Well!"

Social scene: Dorm parties; Greek mixers; college bars and clubs; club happy hours; school-sponsored dances that everyone gets wasted before and actually goes to.

Athletics: Pretty good, for the Ivy League; hockey went to the NCAA bracket; the Harvard-Yale football game (The Game) is epic.

Scenery: An outdoor museum of American architecture: revival collegiate Gothic, Georgian, Modernism; New Haven has amazing pizza and restaurants, interesting ethnic neighborhoods and many areas you wouldn't be caught dead in because you'd be caught dead there; 90-minute train ride from New York.

Reviewed by: Isaac Arnsdorf, Yale junior.