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He is accused of stabbing another man several times.
Published Sep. 14, 2009

Minutes after a man was stabbed several times at a friend's house Friday, a police officer stopped another man covered in blood walking down the street, reports said.

Emmett Wright Jr., 40, of 806 W Warren St. was arrested and charged with attempted felony murder.

According to Plant City police Capt. Jerry Stwan:

Officers got a call between 11:30 a.m. and noon about a disturbance at 305 S Waller St.

When they arrived, 58-year-old David Heyward was bleeding from the head and had been stabbed several times. He was at the house visiting a friend who was able to describe Heyward's attacker.

Officers spread the description over the radio and shortly after, a motorcycle officer saw Wright ambling down the street with blood all over his clothes.

He was taken to the Orient Road Jail andheld without bail.

Wright has been arrested seven times in Hillsborough in the past four years, with charges ranging from driving under the influence to domestic battery.

Heyward was hospitalized in serious condition but was expected to make a full recovery, Stwan said.