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Published Sep. 16, 2009

Through four golf matches, Bishop McLaughlin has churned out four victories. And though first-year coach Jim Globokar admits the competition has not been stellar, the play of his team has been better than recent seasons.

The Hurricanes have won twice against Academy at the Lakes, with additional victories against Hernando and South Sumter. The Wildcats came the closest to upending Bishop McLaughlin, falling by 16 strokes in the opener.

The Hurricanes have done it with four consistent players: junior Kentaro Toyota, Marc Doucette, James Nelson and Scott Hitman. Toyota has averaged a team-best 35.75 strokes per match with a season-low 34 at against the Leopards at Brooksville Country Club. Even junior Dan Megiel has improved with a career low 47 at a recent match.

"It's been fun," Globokar said. "The golf team has never been a priority at Bishop McLaughlin. When I was hired ...I told them I can't coach that way."

Globokar is a substitute teacher at the school and will coach baseball in the spring. He also plays on various mini golf tours and is slated to participate in the Florida Professional Golf Tour in November.

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Sunlake narrows search

Interviews for Sunlake's vacant athletic director post wrapped up Friday afternoon, but a final decision might take some time.

Sunlake principal Angie Stone said she will sift through interview notes and compare candidates to make a final decision. Some external candidates also interviewed for a vacant faculty position, which could be tied to the job.

Among the candidates is former Land O'Lakes athletic director Chuck Moehle, now teaching at Anclote. Others include Russ Schenk, Flo Massaro, Christine Rizzieri, Jacob Tavo, Stacy Hill, Mathew Ferreira and Tim Cignetti. Current Sunlake applicants include basketball coach Bob Marinak, softball coach John Dawkins and basketball assistant Marvin Gray.

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Talented Gators

The bye week for Land O'Lakes provided first-year coach Matt Kitchie an opportunity to work on building team chemistry.

After taking Monday off, the Gators went hard at each other Wednesday and Thursday. As incentive to return for the Gators' JV game Thursday, Kitchie held a talent show.

"I have to tell you it was awesome," Kitchie said. "The kids got up and performed and did things. It probably sounds dumb, but it created a lot of team chemistry."

The top performance, in Kitchie's opinion, went to 6-foot-4, 240-pound defensive end Zack Fisher. His talent: harmonica. "He was unbelievable," Kitchie said. "He did Silent Night, then some kind of reggae version of something with some teammates behind him dancing."