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Published Sep. 15, 2009

A new nationwide poll finds that 88 percent of American workers are happy with their jobs. The telephone survey, conducted by Clarus Research Group, found that only 6 percent of workers are unhappy with their current employment. Another 6 percent said they are neither happy nor unhappy. - "In these tough times of high unemployment and uncertainty, many workers are happy that they have jobs," said Ron Faucheux, president of Clarus Research Group. "However, despite the nationwide results, there were important differences among population groups, especially based on age, race, education and region." - "It is interesting to note that there is only a one-point difference between women and men," said Faucheux, "and no difference between union and non-union workers." - Age is a major factor, with the youngest and oldest workers 27 points apart. Only 69 percent of workers younger than 30 are satisfied with their jobs, compared with 96 percent of those 60 and older. - Workers with medical insurance are happier, 90 percent, than those without it, 75 percent.

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Who's happy?

Respondents who said they are happy with their jobs by group:

Race: 90 percent of whites and Hispanics; 77 percent of African-Americans

Education: 92 percent of workers with college degrees; 83 percent without

Region: The highest is the West (95 percent), and the lowest is the South (83 percent); in the middle is the Northeast (88 percent), and the Midwest (92 percent)

Party: Republicans, at 92 percent, were happier than Democrats, at 80 percent. Self-described independent voters were almost as happy as Republicans at 91 percent.