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If the inclement weather and subsequent hour-and-a-half delay didn't make the Newsome at Jefferson game wacky enough, the ending sure did the trick.

Trailing by 14 points with 6:04 go to in the third - yes third - quarter, Jefferson went to its hurry-up offense and scored two touchdowns, including the winning two-point conversion with 1:21 left to win 29-28.

According to Jefferson athletic director Bob Morgan, it is a county rule that a new quarter of play cannot begin after 11 p.m.

With the rain/lightning delay, the third quarter finished about 11:20 p.m. A midfield meeting with the Newsome and Jefferson athletic directors, both coaches and the head official ensued, giving Newsome the option to finish the game today. The Wolves declined that alternative, instead wanting to finish another day. But a call by Morgan to Hillsborough County AD Lanness Robinson's home quickly quashed that idea. Though Newsome had the ball at midfield, the game was called.

Morgan said he was not sure if they game would be considered incomplete or an official win for Jefferson. Either way Jefferson coach Mike Fenton was pleased with the comeback.

"When we got down 14, we still thought we could come back, and were able to strike twice," Fenton said. "We treated the third quarter as if it was the fourth quarter, and that's why we went for two."

Dragons quarterback Quentin Williams scored on a 34-yard run and ran in the two-point conversion for the win.