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As I dropped my grandson off for one of his first days of kindergarten at Ponce de Leon Elementary in Largo, I fondly remembered dropping my own four children there on their first days of school. They are in their 30s and 40s now and many years have gone by.

I know that Ponce is one of the top-rated, grade A elementary schools in Pinellas and we're very happy to have my grandson attending. However, the state of the grounds and buildings was a major disappointment. The windows, tiles, walkways and walls still look like they did 30 years ago!

How can a school that is so desirable for learning not receive the funding to be updated for safety? It doesn't look like the windows would even hold up in a strong wind!

I hope that someone on the School Board who makes decisions reads this and can go take a look around at Ponce de Leon and consider making some changes there - not just for aesthetics, but for the safety of the children who attend.

Emily Sprague, Valrico

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Who's to pay for plants and clock cost overrun?

I have a concern regarding a vacant lot in the West Bay redevelopment district, next to the Irish Pub. I recently noticed the vacant lot is no longer vacant. Fourteen large palm trees, bushes and grass have been planted.

I was at the redevelopment meeting and the plan was approved to raise a five- to eight-story building on the vacant lot in the future. My concern is how is the city of Largo going to recoup its money for the 14 palm trees, bushes, grass and labor for that vacant lot? Seems like a lot of a waste.

I also am curious to see how close the clock tower is to budget. I would like to know who is going to pay the difference when it is over budget - most likely taxpayers.

Daniel and Stacy Beam, Largo

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Re: Cameras yield traffic lights, challenges - story, Aug. 30

Drivers who run red light should think of cost

I read the article regarding the challenges of the people receiving tickets in the mail as a result of red-light cameras in Florida - more than $100,000 in fines in one area.

I have two comments about this.

Every morning I sit in the left-turn lane at one of the worst intersections in Largo, Keene/Starkey and East Bay.

When I get the green arrow, I wait for at least two or three cars that still are coming, even though they clearly have a red light. This is not an isolated event; this is every morning.

Secondly, the clients and lawyers who want to challenge the red-light camera citations, would you still want to challenge them if your son or daughter were killed by someone running the red light?

If the cameras are sending out that many tickets, then there must be that many running the lights.

Kathy Cates, Largo

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