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NFL in the '80s: Who was the ultimate Super Bowl champ of our decade?

Don't you really miss the '80s ... even in pro football? The dynasty of the San Francisco 49ers (sorry, but still the most boring of reigning champs), the would-be dominance of the Chicago Bears (if only Jim McMahon hadn't been injured and Buddy Ryan had stayed on), and the complete and total futility of runner-ups like the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos.

The 2009-2010 regular season kicks off today, but I won't be wondering who will hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the final whistle. Instead I wonder: Who was the ultimate NFL team of the '80s?

Here are the 10 Super Bowl champions of the '80s, along with the teams they defeated in the Super Bowl. To make it interesting, I'll say that all 20 teams are eligible for the title of "ultimate NFL team of our beloved '80s." So have at it!

1980: Pittsburgh Steelers (beat Los Angeles Rams)

1981: Oakland Raiders (beat Philadelphia Eagles)

1982: San Francisco 49ers (beat Cincinnati Bengals)

1983: Washington Redskins (beat Miami Dolphins)

1984: Oakland Raiders (beat Washington Redskins)

1985: San Francisco 49ers (beat Miami Dolphins)

1986: Chicago Bears (beat New England Patriots)

1987: New York Giants (beat Denver Broncos)

1988: Washington Redskins (beat Denver Broncos)

1989: San Francisco 49ers (beat Cincinnati Bengals)

Posted by Steve Spears at 11:05:38 AM on September 13, 2009