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The St. Petersburg Times has launched a new newspaper devoted to the interests of 13- to 18-year-olds.

Billed as a hip little sister to tbt*, tb-two* will be produced by high school students in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties and delivered each Thursday to 55 high schools in the Tampa Bay area.

The goal: to offer teens a newspaper and Web site that reflect their lives, community and culture, and to provide students with real-life journalism experience.

Tori Creighton, 17, a senior in the IB program at St. Petersburg High School and one of four tb-two* student editors, talked to Neighborhood Times about the new publication.

How is tb-two* different from other newspapers?

It's a paper written by high school students, for high school students, with stories high school students are interested in. Compared to other newspapers, the presentation will be much more fun, much more fresh.

What kinds of stories will be in tb-two*?

We'll have a lot of hard-core news stories about things like how to apply to colleges and how to write the big essay. We'll also have fun stuff, like a "My Ride" feature about students and their cars.

How do you think students will react totb-two*?

I hope they'll look forward to it every Thursday. I hope they'll go to it for their news and entertainment. And I hope we get a ton of submissions for the Web site.

Won't your high school newspaper pale in comparison?

I'm a little worried about that. It's competition in a way. The school paper only comes out six times a year, and we'll publish about 30 issues. But if you want news specifically about your school, you'll still go to your school paper for that.

What are you getting out of this as a student journalist?

I'm getting lots of help and learning how to be a better editor. I'm getting the chance to grow without feeling overwhelmed.

Is this a newspaper your parents will want to read?

Sure. But we do have a warning on the cover: "May not be suitable for adults."