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Times high school columnist John C. Cotey ranks the 10 things that jumped out at him this week.

1. Under the weather

When the bad stuff rolls in, it certainly can affect the schedule, but Friday may have been one of the most disruptive nights in recent memory. Some games were delayed, some postponed, some canceled. The way I see it, you owe us 75 degrees and cloudless next week, Missy.

2. Carlos Andrade

The Spoto kicker booted a winning 23-yard field goal to give the Spartans one of their biggest wins ever ... after he exhorted the crowd to make some noise as he lined his kick up against Alonso.

3. Dumb rules

Hey, fellas, if there's a rule that says you can't start a quarter of football after 11 p.m., and the teams will only get to play three quarters, then why even start a game after it has been delayed 90 minutes because of bad weather, knowing full well you probably won't be able to finish it? Just wondering.

4. The wing-T

It lives! Spoto ran it to beat Alonso's high-octane throw-every-down spread offense, and St. Petersburg did the same to Lakewood's popular fastbreak offense. Somewhere, 1997 is sitting around smiling.

5. Tampa Bay Techand Armwood

These guys didn't even play this week. But they play Thursday in a showdown that has Game of the Year potential. Are those goose bumps, or are you just as excited to see this game?

6. East Lake volleyball

The Eagles, one of Tampa Bay's most underrated but best programs, already have wins over Palm Harbor University and Lakewood, two playoff teams from last year. They take on arguably the best team in the county, Countryside, on Tuesday.

7. Feeding frenzy

If you want to see what may be the best backfield in the area, you'll have to drive to Brooksville and ask for Tevin Drake, Ja'Juan Story and Antwan Story. They'll be the ones wearing powder-blue Nature Coast Sharks uniforms.

8. Berkeley Prep volleyball

Plant is the area's top team, but Berkeley is not too far behind. Jordan Burgess and Lindsay Young pumped kills into Venice on Saturday as the Bucs again proved victorious without dropping a set.

9. Mac attack

St. Petersburg Catholic quarterback Chris McKay threw for 349 yards in the opening week against Berkeley Prep, and we wondered what he would do for an encore. Friday, he showed us: four touchdown passes in a 39-6 victory over Northside Christian. Okay, fine. But what is he going to do this week against Keswick Christian?

10. My new shoes

Stupid soggy sidelines Friday night! Make that 75 degrees, clear skies and new size 11s, Missy!

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