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On his overall impressions

"Obviously, we're disappointed in the loss. Lot of good things on offense. Too many big plays on defense."

On defending the run

"Did a good job on stopping the run; or playing the run tough, not necessarily stopping it. I don't know if you can stop a guy like Marion Barber. But when you hold them like what we did, it's not as bad as you would like to think."

On Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

"He did exactly what we thought he would do, hold onto the ball and create big plays on the field. That just kills you in the long run. We have to have more pressure."

On Patrick Crayton's touchdown catch

"That was the play with Romo holding onto the football, holding onto the football (and then stepping) up to make the play. You lose your eyes downfield. The play clock in your head has to be longer with Romo."

On Bucs quarterback Byron Leftwich

"He went out there like a warrior. He (stood) in the pocket and threw the football down the field."

On Leftwich getting hit a lot

"That's going to be what Byron Leftwich is. Byron's always been that. That's why he's so big. That's why he's so tough. He's so physical because he'll absolutely stand in there and throw that football. He's going to deliver it while he's getting hit. You're concerned, but at the same time, that's his game. That's the Doug Williams-like game. Now we have to protect him a little better. We have to keep him from some of those hits."

On Michael Clayton holding onto a catch after a hard hit

"I sure hope those questions about Mike Clayton signing back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were answered. To see that guy catch that ball up the middle with a safety bearing down on him, stay up, spin around, not even come out of the game … that's the type of toughness we're going to be about around here."

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The Cowboys' Wade Phillips

On the Cowboys offense

"Our quarterback and receivers made a lot of big plays. A lot of different people made big plays, but the three wide receivers (Miles Austin, Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams) all made big plays for us. I think everybody was wondering whether we would get the ball downfield, whether it was going to be a dink-and-dunk offense. It's not."

On Romo

"Tony's a great quarterback. He's a winner. He's going to make plays to win games."

On the Cowboys defense

"We were pretty aggressive on the calls. (We) called some shifts and blitzes sometimes where they got through there. We started playing a little more base defense later on, and that helped on the running game. Byron (Leftwich) was the guy we were worried about, and I thought we did a good job against him."

On Leftwich

"Leftwich played a heck of a game. He got hit I don't know how many times and kept going."