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Published Sep. 15, 2009

The church vandals are juveniles. Well, kids, again, at their worst. Makes you wonder what kind of parents are raising them.

Hopefully, when they go in front of a judge, he or she will have enough sense to sentence them to 1,000 hours of community service, starting with the churches they vandalized.

Then go after their parents to help pay for all the damages they caused.

Maybe if we started holding the parents accountable for their children's actions this kind of behavior would change.

Diane Howard, Hudson

* * *

Historical name for school is wise

Kudos to the Pasco County School Board for seriously considering the name Fivay High for the new high school (EEE), as it seems to make perfect sense.

It may surprise and please the elected School Board member Allen Altman to know that a lot of Pasco citizens who did not live here all their lives (which happen to be the vast majority of Pasco residents), are sensitive and sensible enough to appreciate the past history and the heroes, as they defined and benefited the present, in the same way the present will decide, direct and develop the future.

Rao Musunuru, M.D., Hudson

* * *

Re: Food pantry zoning dispute

Neighbor endured problem for years

Who is the victim here? The St. James Catholic Church-run St. Vincent de Paul Society food pantry or me, the neighbor?

I am not the one breaking the law. This is a residential area. No zoning laws have been changed. If they wish to distribute food, they should use the existing church buildings and parking, as before.

For years, I tolerated the lines of people less than 15 feet from my bedroom window, the line of cars and the food wrappers and cigarette butts on my property without complaint. On July 23, the line of people went from their garage door, down the driveway to the gutter. There were 19 cars lined up.

I went to the church office to see someone in charge. There was only a receptionist on duty. She wrote out a return-call slip and advised me someone would call me. We might have been able to talk this out. To date, no one has called.

I now have to put up with nasty phone calls. I did nothing wrong. I am the victim.

Janice Reiser, Port Richey

* * *

Complainant right to question pantry

I question the qualifications of the needy who drive fancy cars and on occasion, haul two boats, to pick up their allotment of food supplies. As far I am concerned these people take away from the people who have a real need.

Janice Reiser is within her right to do what she did to protect her privacy, especially since her house and the distribution facility are only about 11 feet apart. The letter writers from Hudson and Spring Hill do not know what the true situation is.

I would not blame Janice if she takes legal action against the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

R.H. Tydeck, Port Richey

* * *

Woman entitled to peace and quiet

I was shocked to read that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been operating a food bank in the middle of a residential neighborhood - not only breaking the law, but apparently without any thought or consideration for the residents living nearby.

What were they thinking? Even though there are volunteers staffing the food bank, I find it hard to believe that no one in their organization knew that this was wrong. And worse, your article seemed to imply that your sympathies and those of the county Code Enforcement are with the food bank!

I have complete respect for the work done by volunteers who staff our area food banks, but the point is this: Would you want this going on 20 feet from your front door? I think not! I know I sure wouldn't.

The lady who filed the complaint apparently put up with this for several years before reaching the breaking point. (Grocery carts up against my house would've done it for me, too, that's for sure.)

I sincerely doubt that she is the only one in the neighborhood who was bothered by it. She is just the only one brave enough or fed up enough (or both) to complain.

Despite all of the good they do, the food bank is not the victim here. The victim is the neighbor who finally reported them. Hopefully, she will soon get the peace and quiet to which she's entitled.

Carolyn Klema, New Port Richey

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