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On my way home on Deltona Boulevard toward the park, a young man on a bicycle came riding up the road toward me and he suddenly swerved into the oncoming lane.

What was he thinking? I could not believe he was just riding his bike into oncoming traffic.

I looked and could not believe that he was texting on a cell phone while riding his bike. Cars, buses and delivery trucks were on the road. What was he thinking? I just about lost my mind!

I wanted to pull over and spank him while throwing his cell phone into oncoming traffic. I have never been so mad and so lost for emotions in all my life. This boy rides up Deltona all the time; it's not the first time I have seen him. I only hope that his parents read this before it's too late.

Angela Gallagher, Spring Hill

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Kudos to teacher on Obama speech

I would like to congratulate a former colleague, Beverly Bushell, a teacher at West Hernando Middle School, on her handling of President Obama's speech and making it a very teachable moment.

Her students followed a printed copy as the president spoke. Mrs. Bushell then stated that we all have differences of opinion and that there is a respectful way of expressing them. Mrs. Bushell was able to instill this little bit of wisdom in her students.

This was a great day for the Hernando County School District. I believe she has made all of her colleagues proud. Maybe we can all learn a lesson from this.

Patricia Cameron, Weeki Wachee

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Truth, not fear, is key to health reform - Sept. 7, column

Public must back health reform

I was so happy to see Jan Glidewell had written an column and it was awesome. When you are face to face with a medical crisis and find your insurance rationing your benefits or denying them, then you will understand why reform is so needed.

This whole reform is not written in stone and won't be for a while. I see no one organizing any rallies for us to support this reform. In fact, I contacted the Democratic Party in Pasco County and their response to me was a dissertation on the upcoming president's speech to the schools.

So, in my mind, if they as Democrats do not see the need to offset the negative energy, then they don't care. Maybe they do care to get re-elected and fear supporting reform will hurt that. I wonder if it has crossed their minds that by not supporting the reform and bringing in voter supporters as a group, they can lose just as well. Oh, and I am a registered Republican.

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

* * *

Health reform complaints weak

I couldn't agree more with Jan Glidewell's column about health care reform. He said it better than I could ever hope for.

I don't understand what the complaint is. Medicare, Medicaid and the prescription drug program are all government programs, but I don't hear anyone complaining about them. And end-of-life decisions have been going on for a long time. Unless one was involved with that, you wouldn't know about it.

Some people just don't listen carefully and let themselves be swayed. I attribute that to the general dumbing down of America.

Marianne Flanagan, New Port Richey

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