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Known enemy: Niemann has faced the O's more than any other team, making his fourth start this season and sixth career appearance. He is 4-1, 4.15 overall, 2-1, 4.58 this season.

Unknown element: The Rays have seen Berken only once, roughing him up for 11 hitsAug. 18. After losing nine straight, Berken has won his past two decision and three of five.

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Key matchups

Rays vs. Berken

Burrell....2-for-3, HR

Gross.....2-for-3, HR

Upton.... 3-for-3, HR

O's vs. Niemann

Roberts.......5-for-13, HR

Markakis......4-for-12, HR

Wigginton....3-for-6, HR

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Fan club of the day

The group from Lafayette College that came to see former classmate Joe Maddon was easy to spot. At least the seven women wearing Maddon-style black glasses and white T-shirts with I Love Joey around Maddon's picture on the front and Pino Maddonini Fan Club on the back.

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Number of the day

4 Previous teams to lose 11 straight the season after a World Series appearance: the 1915 Phillies, 1929 Cardinals, 1986 Royals and 1998 Marlins (twice). None lost more.

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Quote of the day

"The two weeks have been maddening - they just have been, but what are you going to do - m-a-d-d-o-n-i-n-g."

Manager Joe Maddon on, well, life