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Published Sep. 17, 2009

The FBI says there are "literally thousands" of scams making their way through cyberspace. "Some old. Some that have evolved or been retooled," said Special Agent Dave Couvertier, spokesman for the FBI Tampa Field Division. Here's the new top 5 list:

-Extortion scam targeting ethnic business owners: Minority business owners receive a phone call involving threats or violence if the owner doesn't meet the scammer's financial demands.

-Fraudulent U.S. Customs and Border Protection e-mail: This scam alleges that Border Patrol agents have stopped a diplomat carrying a consignment for the e-mail recipient, which contains millions of dollars. Couvertier said it's a phishing attempt to entice a response to obtain personal information.

-Fraudulent Oprah Winfrey Show e-mail: They tell recipients they've been nominated for "Oprah's Millionaire Contest Show."

-Internet vehicle sales scam: Ads for this scam are typically found on classified ad sites for vehicles. They alert consumers to a third-party vehicle protection program. It requests partial or full payment, but no car is ever delivered.

-Work from home scam: They offer jobs processing payment or reshipping products. Victims receive and cash fraudulent checks.

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