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Raise your hand if you work from home. Aha! I knew it. There are many of you. Let me see - one, two, three, 25 million, give or take. In order to be successful, you should have a well-organized, well-designed home office. So let's get started.

Pick the room that will become the office. The guest bedroom is usually a good choice. Furnishings should be minimal and functional. The desk should be big enough to get work done and so you won't have constant clutter on it because of lack of space. If necessary, and if space permits, get a desk that wraps around so you have plenty of surface area to spread your work out. A desk and separate credenza works just as well.

With all-in-one printers so affordable now, be sure to invest in one. And get one that has all the bells and whistles, because you will find that more options are not only convenient, but can also lead to enhanced creativity. As for computers, most people these days are opting for laptop computers for portability.

The seat behind the desk should be comfortable and fit you perfectly; otherwise, stress and fatigue can set in. Most desk chairs are ergonomically sound, but sit in a few first to be sure you get the one that works best for you. Some might be too big or too small for your size, so try them out before you buy.

The bedroom closet can be easily converted into a storage area for files and supplies by visiting a closet company and having it design one that custom-fits your needs.

And now for the decor. Pick a theme. Make sure it is something uniquely yours so you feel at home in your office. The more comfortable it feels, the better you'll be able to work. Don't get too busy and don't overdecorate, because you don't want to make the space feel crowded or messy. Simplicity is key!

Be sure the lighting is excellent. Overhead lighting over the desk is best. Light coming through a window needs to be addressed. Will the sun glare on your computer or on your desk? Consider covering windows with wood blinds that can be opened completely or tilted up or down, depending on the glow coming into the room.

Now it's time to stop daydreaming. Get to work.