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The new Muse album feels familiar and new at the same time, and somehow transcends all of the band's previous works.

It carries a political message, similar to Black Holes and Revelations, and, like previous albums, it's dominated by heavy synthesizer and epic guitar riffs. The message is clear: Love is what you need to beat "the man."

The band asserts that the world is becoming a place for the masses to become controlled, and that love is the only way out. This recurring theme begins with the title track, which says "Love is our resistance."

The lyrics to every song are fantastic and inspiring. Muse stokes rebellion and revolution like a punk-rock band, using a style it has defined for itself.

This album is not an album you can skip around in, it is truly an experience. Sit and listen to it from beginning to end.

Muse listeners looking for a familiar sound will find a friend in The Resistance, and be pleasantly surprised at the same time. Despite the familiarities with previous albums, Muse steps outside of its comfort zone. The band even ends the album with a three-part symphony.

Bottom line? Muse lover from the past, you will love this new call to revolution, complete with songs one right after the other that will make you want to jump around your room all by yourself.

Don't know much about this group? Give this record a turn, and you might just want to jump up and riot in the streets, too.

JUSTIN JONES, Chamberlain High

GRADE * * * * 1/2

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