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September 17, 2009

World's smuttiest 'Mistress of the Dark' still pretty hot for age 58

Is that a wooden stake in our pockets, or are we just really, REALLY happy to see how great actress Cassandra Peterson -- aka Elvira, Mistress of the Dark -- looks on her 58th birthday?

Even in the '80s, Peterson was so much more than just Elvira or the host of Movie Macabre. You'll see her pop up over and over again. From episodes of Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy and St. Elsewhere to a bit part in the dreadful Stroker Ace. (Umm, and nude photos of Peterson -- pre-Elvira -- still burn up the Google searches all the time. Not that I would know.)

Check out the safer-for-work images of Peterson at her official website (

Posted by Steve Spears at 02:54:45 PM on September 17, 2009

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Journey releases Infinity, Escape and Frontiers as box set

This one's for you, Steve Perry. On Sept. 29, Sony Music will release The Collection: Journey, featuring three of the band's classic albums. (Two from the '80s, naturally, but all three from the Perry years.)

The set includes Infinity, Escape and Frontiers.

Infinity, released in 1978, would seem like an odd pick at first, but it was Perry's debut project with the band. It includes several classics including Bic-flicking Lights ( , the sadly forgotten Feeling That Way ( and never-gets-old Wheel in the Sky ( (Personally, I'd have picked Departure from 1980, but I'm an '80s apologist, right?)

Escape, of course, needs no introduction. It's quite easily one of the top 5 albums of the '80s. Its signature tune Don't Stop Believing ( still finds its way to the top of the iTunes charts every few months.

Other fans might choose 19886's Raised on Radio over 1983's Frontiers, but I'm happy with the disc Sony picked. (Even though I can live the rest of my life without hearing Separate Ways ( again. Thankfully they didn't play it when I caught them live ( in July 2008.) ( is selling The Collection: Journey for $23.98. Perfect timing for a holiday present for a Journey fan who also does loving, caring podcasts and blog for you every day, don't ya think?

Posted by Steve Spears at 09:51:36 AM on September 17, 2009