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We asked last year's seniors: Waht do you wish you'd done before you graduated?

Simone Kallet

Hillsborough '09

Florida State University

I wish I hadn't been afraid to poke random people on Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I love my super-close friends, but it would have been nice to have many more acquaintances. Don't be shy!

* * *

Anna Scalamogna

Clearwater Central Catholic '09

American University

I wish I'd spent less time comparing myself to others. It's easy to waste time worrying about someone with better grades, a faster 5K time or shinier hair. I wish I'd learned to stop complaining. Not everything is fair. Sometimes you just have to suck it up or change it yourself.

* * *

Matthew Ho

Lakewood CAT '09

University of South Florida

I absolutely wished I was less of a loser and more brave in front of the many crushes I had. Life is meant to live and learn, and how else to learn than to mess up?

* * *

Liz Behrman

Freedom '09

University of Florida

Something I wish I'd done in high school was to participate in more club activities. I have about 20 T-shirts that I've never used for anything except pajamas. I wish I had participated more in PE. All I ever did was change my clothes and sit on the floor with my friends. I might be in better shape right now if I had.

* * *

Caitlyn Finnegan

Newsome '09

University of Florida

I wish I hadn't been afraid to try out for a sports team. Even if I did have a fear of a ball breaking my nose, it still would have been worth the bruises to form the kind of friendships that develop only after running sprints and drills for three hours every day after school. The trophies would have been nice too.