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Movie moniker

When Andreas Jankov of Oslo was born, his parents named him, well, obviously, Andreas Jankov. But now that he has had time to reflect on it, he realized that that moniker in no way reflected his great love of movies and television. "I wanted to make a name for myself - literally," he said. "So I sat down and drew up a list of all my favorite film and TV characters and decided I would name myself after them." He likes Star Wars. And Lord of the Rings. And MacGyver. So now, he is to be known, legally, as Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacca Highlander Elessar-Jankov. "It is a tribute to them for all the hours of pleasure I have had watching them."

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Police reports

Case of disembodied hand solved quickly

It's never a bad idea to call the cops when you find a severed hand buried in a yard. So when an electrician in North East, Md., was digging at a home, and found just such a thing, he called it in. It was muddy, and only the tips seemed to indicate signs of decay. But after a little police work, it was decided that it was no big deal. It seems that Will Saxberg, the son of a previous owner, used to be a medical student and he had brought home a hand as a souvenir. More than 50 years ago. To which no one has reacted with a "Whaaaaat?!?!?" Saxberg says he also brought home a cranium, but he knows where that is. Everyone is okay with this.

* * *

Jonathan Parker is burglarizing a home

Facebook has helped to solve another crime. This time it wasn't a case where police scrolled around and found photos that someone posted of themselves committing crimes. This time, it was much more direct. Police in Martinsburg, W.Va., went to investigate a burglary. Two diamond rings worth $3,500 were missing, reports the Martinsburg Journal, but there was some good evidence. On the victim's computer - which probably would've been a good thing for a robber to take - was the social networking site. And Jonathan Parker was signed on. The victim didn't know Jonathan Parker, so that was a great clue. Parker, 19, was arrested.

* * *

His plan to hide report card fails

The story of the 11-year-old boy in Huntsville, Ala., was harrowing. He said he was grabbed as he left school, forced into a vehicle by a man with a gun, told he was going to be taken somewhere and killed. In a thrilling twist, he managed to safely escape the car and run to his grandparents' house. Whew. All that was lost in the process was his backpack. He left that in the car. The backback with his report card in it. Police became suspicious of the story, though, when they realized that he was able to escape with his band instrument. He admitted he made up the story to avoid showing his report card.

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