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Published Sep. 21, 2009

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WFLZ-FM 93.3 morning radio host Todd "MJ" Schnitt scored a choice phone interview Friday with Taylor Swift that would have been a great get, if the guy could manage to not lambast his guests. Swift's handlers asked MJ to avoid the Kanye West VMA outburst. So, his first question: "Let's just get the Kanye West thing out of the way here," he asked the 19-year-old, who replied: "I think the outpouring of love is what I'm trying to focus on. ... Getting flowers from Janet Jackson is something I'd never thought would happen in my life." MJ asked Swift to go over what exactly happened. Swift sighed, replied, "It happened on TV and everyone saw what happened. ... I guess I'd just like to move on a little bit." MJ made a good point: Her already skyrocketing career got a great boost. After more attempts and polite counters to move on, Swift's handler jumped on the line, quickly thanking the DJ. In an online poll on of more than 1,400 respondents, 74 percent said "MJ needs to grow some manners. Just over 10 percent said "Taylor Swift needs a thicker skin." The remaining said "Who cares? It's probably all just another staged publicity stunt."

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Perry not pleased with Tyler

Say you were a member of a world-famous rock band that had to stop a tour because your 61-year-old frontman fell off a stage at a motorcycle rally. Would you be mad? Joe Perry,above left, of Aerosmith is. "The tour was building up to be a great tour, and I was pretty (upset), you know," Perry told the AP about Steven Tyler's Aug. 5 accident in Sturgis, S.D, that put 20 stitches in his head. "I haven't talked to him in over five weeks. I don't know what's going on with him." Apparently Tyler hasn't been taking very good care of himself: "I was pretty (upset), because right before that, he had pulled a muscle in his leg. And we had to take two weeks off." And while Perry says "there's still life left in the old band," it sounds like Aerosmith is living on borrowed time. "All I know is he's got to get his act together," Perry said.

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Jay-Z defends Kanye West

While Taylor Swift is over Kanye West,Jay-Z isn't. He defended West, calling him "a super passionate person." And why wouldn't he? He's freakin' married to Beyonce. "It was her moment but that's the way he really felt," Jay-Z told Radio 1's Jo Whiley, the BBC reports. "I think it was rude, but the way they're treating him. ... He's on the cover of every paper. He didn't kill anybody." No, he didn't kill anyone, but his career may now be dying.

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Swayze cremated, ashes with wife

Patrick Swayze's body has been cremated and given to his wife, Lisa Niemi,Star reports. His death certificate lists the cause of death as cardiorespiratory arrest cause by advanced pancreatic cancer. RadarOnline says Lisa plans to spread Swayze's ashes across his New Mexico ranch, Rancho de Dias Alegres (Ranch of Happy Days). "They had a deep love. She is so broken up," a source told Star. "She was hoping for a miracle, and it never came."