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It's the Cosby decade again ... 25 years later! Marathon today on WGN

It's been 25 years to the day that The Cosby Show debuted on American television. God, we're old.

Today, the super-cable network WGN is celebrating with a Cosby Show marathon beginning at 1 pm (Eastern time). The actual pilot episode will air at 7 pm.

You forget the plot of the pilot?!? If memory serves, it's the show where Cliff Huxtable (Cosby) explains to his son Theo (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) how a low salary isn't enough for him to live on ... using Monopoly money.

Some other notable memories of the Cosby Show:

FOUR OR FIVE KIDS? For the pilot episode, the Cosby's had four children. That quickly changed to five, on Bill Cosby's request, with the addition of Sondra (Sabrina Le Beauf), who was away at college. Cosby wanted to show that the family had already produced one successful kid.

WHAT'S YOUR NAME? In early episodes, Cosby is referred to as "Clifford" and even "Heathclifford." It would later be changed to "Heathcliff." Likewise, Theo is called "Teddy" at first. Let's face it, Heathcliff is better.

OPENING MUSIC: The instrumental theme music had a name -- Kiss Me -- and was composed by Stu Gardner and Bill Cosby. There were seven versions used during the course of the series.

FAMILIAR NAME: You rarely hear Heathcliff's wife Clair's maiden name. It was Hanks, which was the maiden name of Cosby's actual wife, Camille O. Cosby.

SUCK IT, MAGNUM: Poor Tom Selleck. His Magnum, P.I. show was the king of Thursday night TV over on CBS before the Cosby Show. Always the prankster, Cosby wore a Magnum baseball cap during an episode after his series took over the top spot.

Posted by Steve Spears at 10:07:19 AM