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The Bucs' Raheem Morris

On overall comments

"Tough game, tough loss. We're not going to win those type of games - whenever we give a team a 14-point lead and have to come back, that's not going to be our best effort that day. We did fight back, made the game close. I give our team a lot of credit for that. We played a very good football team today. Our plan was to stop the run using a seven-man box and obviously failed at that. They have a very good running game in (Fred) Jackson, who ran the ball very well on us today."

On Leftwich

"Our QB was fine. That's not the games we're going to win. When we've got to go out there and throw it around like that, get 19 rushing attempts, that's not our type of game."

On not stopping the run

"For the most part, we've got to play better. We've got to play faster. We've got to do some different things on defense to win."

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The Bills' Dick Jauron

On overall comments

"It just seemed like the game that would never end out there. The last five minutes kind of lasted forever, but the guys played awfully hard and É taking the ball from them was huge."

On RB Fred Jackson

"I don't know how you describe Freddy. He can do just about anything. He's a terrific athlete. He can return the ball. He catches the ball extremely well, runs hard. (He's) a slasher in there, very tough to get down on the ground as you saw today. Just a terrific football player and a great teammate."

On how big the win was after losing to the Patriots

"Big - it was big. You know them. They work awfully hard and they just keep coming back. They get knocked down and they get up and go, but they make it interesting."