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St. Petersburg Times staff writer Tom Jones looks back at Fox's broadcast of the Bucs-Bills game.

Most familiar quote

Here's a quote we might hear a lot of this year:

"This is exactly what the Bills were waiting for: those elevated throws that we've seen week in and week out.'' That's what Fox analyst Tony Siragusa said after Bucs QB Byron Leftwich overthrew a receiver and the result was Buffalo's Donte Whitner returning an interception 76 yards for a touchdown.

* * *

Funniest line

"It might have been tipped. ... I hope it was tipped."

Tony Siragusa, Fox analyst, above, talking about a wobbly pass by Bucs QB Byron Leftwich

* * *

Worst Daryl Johnston quote

The Fox analyst, talking about the city of Buffalo, said, "This community is as passionate as any in the NFL.'' Johnston grew up in nearby Youngstown, N.Y., but still, he's too good to say something generic and tired as this. You could say the same thing about Green Bay, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cleveland and on and on. Every community is passionate about their NFL team. Even Tampa Bay. After all, just listen to all the complaining today on talk radio.

* * *

Best Daryl Johnston quote

The Fox analyst said, "(The Bucs') Aqib Talib (at left), over the next few years, will become one of the best corners in the NFL."

* * *

Biggest question

How can Fox have a replay that shows an interception by the Bills that, without question, should have been ruled an incomplete pass and the NFL replay officials still allowed the interception to stand? The Fox announcing team pointed out a mistake was made, and it could have been even more critical. The NFL needs to explain how replays that are obvious to millions at home are not seen the same by officials in the stadium. Otherwise, what's the point of replay?

* * *

Worst analysis

I've come around on Fox analyst Tony Siragusa, who has gone from annoying in years past to insightful. But then he says something dumb like he did in the fourth quarter Sunday. After Terrell Owens beat Aqib Talib on a 43-yard bomb, Siragusa said: "That was pretty good coverage by Talib. ... It's not like he got burned."

Actually, that's exactly what happened. Owens blew past Talib and caught a touchdown. How else would you describe it? "Good coverage" would have been, uh, not allowing the guy to catch a 43-yard pass for a touchdown.

* * *

Best analysis

Sharp work by Fox analyst Daryl Johnston for calling out Bucs T Donald Penn, left,for not blocking anyone when the Bucs were stopped on fourth and short in the third quarter, and then saying, "Kellen Winslow, come on now!" for a poor block by the tight end on the Bucs' next possession. It's always fun when the analyst says exactly what the fan is thinking at home.

* * *

A whole lot of points

The Bucs' 67 points allowed are their second most in the first two games of a season:

Year....Points Opponents Rec.

1985...69.......38 (Bears), 31 (Vikings)....2-14

2009...67.......34 (Cowboys), 33 (Bills)......-

1990...56.......21 (Lions), 35 (Rams).......6-10

1996...55.......34 (Packers), 21 (Lions)....6-10

1998...54.......31 (Vikings), 23 (Packers)...8-8

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